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The Waiting Phase

Waiting is a phase of singledom, after all, other stages have been experienced. Understanding the transition, building and inner satisfaction phase of singledom makes the waiting stage fascinating. All phases are important and necessary. Hence, skipping one phase equals termination of the next stage.

The waiting period renews your strength, gets you prepared before your groom arrives. And beyond waiting for your groom, wait upon the Lord, who has the power to grant the desires of your heart.

In this phase, we shall be evaluating the parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-12) of course, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from this parable. In a nutshell, the beautiful virgins, who were single embarked on a trip with their lamps to meet their groom. They were overwhelmed with joy as they journeyed. But there was a marked difference between them, five were considered wise while the other five were considered foolish. Do you know why? The wise virgins took extra oil with them, because they were unsure of the time of their groom’s arrival, while the foolish ones assumed the oil in their lamp would sustain them until their groom arrives.

Are you wise? How prepared are you to meet your groom? First, you must acquire the necessary knowledge. Therefore, don’t hurry into the waiting stage unprepared like the foolish virgins.

In other words, you need an understanding of what the phase of singledom entails. And before meeting your groom, your body must be dedicated to God in purity first. Next, you need to excel in building a godly character, taking proper care of your health, and decorating your outward appearance.

In essence, be confident about your inner and outward beauty before embarking on the waiting trip. Likewise, your relationship with your creator must be evergreen. I assure you that your groom will appreciate you the most for your positive self-image. Hence, don’t omit any of the above mentioned from your preparation kits. These represent the oil that would keep your lamp burning while your groom tarries.

You might be asking yourself why you need all these attributes. Well, you are about to find out. The arrival of their groom seemed to take forever, although they didn’t give up because he tarried, instead, they slept and when they least expected, the virgins heard a loud cry announcing their groom’s arrival. Immediately, they started rearranging themselves, adding extra oil to their lamps to enhance their brightness.

Suddenly, the five foolish virgins discovered their lamps were out and needed more oil to light it up again. What a tragedy! How they wished they had known beforehand to come along with extra oil, but it was too late for them. So, they asked for extra oil from the wise virgins, but their request was not granted. Rather they were advised to go into the street and buy for themselves. However, while they left to buy more oil, the wise virgins went inside with their groom for the marriage and the door was shut behind them.

Furthermore, the five foolish virgins returned with their purchased oil, to their amazement they were already late and were not allowed to enter the marriage hall. No amount of consolation would’ve been enough to comfort these five foolish virgins. What a waste of time and effort, waiting for their groom without being prepared to meet him. Most times, impatience has made many women miss their desired groom. I encourage you to endure the process of singledom before transmitting to the next stage, it’s worth your time!

Similarly, single women, your groom is on his way, don’t lose your enthusiasm while waiting, instead, endure patiently just as the 10 virgins waited even while their groom tarried. Nevertheless, ensure you are prepared, so you don’t get to miss him when he arrives by making sure that your lamps are filled with the right oil. Don’t relent in building yourself.

The waiting phase is also the asking phase of singledom. A period where you go down on your knees in prayers to your heavenly father. Tell him how prepared you are, pour your heart out, don’t be overwhelmed with the fear of rejection, boldly request the type of groom you desire, and ensure you pray for your groom before he arrives. I assure you that He would grant your request because He sees that you’re now ready to meet your groom as a virtuous and wise woman.

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalms 37:4 

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