Cup of Faith is an award-winning Christian blog and online ministry for Christian women. Our platform is designed to share, inspire and encourage fellow Christian women through blog posts, community reading plans, product reviews and much more!


Our thriving community features women of all ages and walks of life posting daily content that encourages pursuing Christian living in an authentic way.


We also welcome any and all contributors who wish to share their testimony, stories of faith, and advice on Christian living, to apply, simply fill in the form

Inspired by her mornings spent in the sun reading her Bible while sipping on coffee, our Founder, Megan Kelly hoped to use her experience in digital marketing and web design to create an online women’s ministry and Christian blog that aims to connect women from all around the world.


Understanding how so many of us struggle to face the church, in fear of being judged or ridiculed for our baggage and not fitting the “cookie-cutter” mould of what a “good Christian” should do, look or act like, Megan wanted to create an online space that is easily accessible, holds no judgement and embraces our sisters in Christ irrespective of the paths we’ve walked, the roads we’ve taken or the journey we find ourselves on.


In 2023, Megan handed over the Cup of Faith website to its new owner and editor, Kate Walsh.

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