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  • As you probably know, when I first decided to launch our Instagram account (which later lead to the

  • Loving Jesus According to some Christian counsellors, the earthly family represents the heavenly tri

  • Don’t look at the world for advice on how you should live or who you should be, (read: Romans 12:12)

  • One day He went into the house to attend to his activities and none of the servants was inside. She

  • The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. – ‭‭Exodus‬ ‭14:14 ‭‭I am sure you can

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Ruth: A Story of Redemption by Cailin Leacock

In this interactive Bible study book, Cailin Leacock of Hillsong Church delves into the rich world of one of the most inspirational women of the Bible. Ruth: A Story of Redemption looks at each chapter of the book of Ruth and examines what we as modern women (and men!) can still learn from the character of Ruth. Through it we not only see God’s faithful redemption but are also reminded that you don’t have to be anything other than available and willing for God to use your life in a mighty, significant and eternal way! With questions for group discussions and room to jot down your own thoughts, it is perfect for small groups, women’s Bible study groups or even if you want to go deeper into Ruth’s story on your own. Questions include: What shortcomings have you allowed to stop you from believing that you can be used by God? Can you recount in your life when God has protected you? Is there something you need to talk to Jesus about? Have you ever considered God acting in the role of a husband in your life? Ruth: A Story of Redemption will awaken within you a boldness to believe God for His very best for you and to run after it.