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My Creative Bible KJV

For the last year or so, I have found a new interest in Bible Journalling. Now, let me start by saying that I am not a creative person. In fact, I am too controlling to find enjoyment in things like painting and drawing and freak out whenever things don’t quite look the way I want them to. For years, I have diligently added to my Bible Journalling Pinterest board, and was quite okay with the idea that I’d probably never try it for myself. Well, that was until I found My Creative Bible – the Bible I didn’t know I needed!

My Creative Bible gently introduces you to the world of Bible Journalling.  I felt so much more comfortable with the idea of merely colouring in the nearly 400 hand-drawn scripture accompanying illustrations, than trying to attempt my own designs. I personally find colouring-in quite enjoyable and like that it doesn’t require a great deal of attention. Instead, I can listen to a Podcast, pray over The Words I am reading, or just let my mind wander. However, after spending a great deal of time filling in these pages and finding confidence in myself (or rather, giving up on the idea of Bible Journalling perfection) I felt inspired to try my hand at painting, drawing and creating my own designs too!

My designs never quite look the way I picture, and I need to practice my lettering but I do feel like My Creative Bible has been a pivotal point in helping me understand the benefits of Bible Journalling and encouraging me to grow in my faith. It’s also helped me get over the expectation of everything being picture perfect, and embracing coffee spills, ink splotches, messed paint and bad spelling – Bible Journalling is not about the pretty designs, but rather about becoming familiar with The Word of God.

From a practical point, the pages of My Creative Bible are a bit thicker and are made of high-quality cream paper with a standard black text size of 8.65. I find that ink does occasionally bleed through, but it’s usually only when I have coloured over and over something. If I stick to doing one layer of ink using BIC felt-tips, highlighters, or even acrylic paints, there are is no concern for bleeding through the pages. However, in learning to embrace imperfection, I have also learnt to make the best of a bad situation by painting the back of those pages, or covering them in washi tape, so that I can still use them despite the ink coming through the page.

My only gripe with this Bible is that it’s KJV (this is personal) but I really struggle to understand this version and constantly cross-reference with my NIV so that I can understand it better. I’d personally love My Creative Bible in an NIV or ESV version, as I feel that if you’re going to create a Bible as an introduction to Bible Journalling then it would be a good idea to have an “easier” or more widely understood version.

Regardless though, I highly recommend My Creative Bible to anyone who is just a little bit interested in Bible Journalling. It’s a great way to get started and you’ll find that their designs make it really simple to understand, remember and reflect on The Word.

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