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Bible Journaling Kit for Beginners

I have been a fan of Bible Journaling for the longest time, but never really thought of myself being creative enough to try it. After purchasing My Creative Bible at CUM Books, I decided to play it safe and would quite literally only colour between the lines, thanks to the beautiful designs already in the Bible. Over time and hundreds of YouTube videos later, I finally felt brave enough to try my hand at designing my own spreads, which has been exciting, fun and somewhat challenging!

I recently discovered that CUM Books is now offering Bible Journaling Kits which I was very kindly gifted by my friend, Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain. I might have let out a little squeal when I saw she included it in a stack of books. Ok, I lie… I did let out a squeal!

The kit comes with everything you need to start Bible Journaling and makes for a great gift! I personally have found it challenging to find dedicated Bible Journaling supplies locally and wish we had the likes of Illustrated Faith and Day Spring available so that we could take full advantage of their beautiful products. However, I do feel a kit like this from CUM Books is a step in the right direction and perhaps they’ll explore the idea of offering their own monthly kits and expand on their Bible Journaling section.

So, what makes this a great kit especially if you are new to Bible Journaling? The kit includes all the basic supplies that you’ll need to get started:

  • 4 Washi Tape Rolls
  • Black Ink Block and Stamps
  • 24 Column Inserts
  • 2 Clear Sticker Pages
  • 2 Opaque Sticker Pages
  • 6 Glitter Gel Pens
  • 6 Metallic Gel Pens
  • Journaling Template

As you can probably imagine, I was excited about the washi tape, stickers and gel pens but I especially like that CUM Books thought to include the ink, stamps and ink block. The stickers and washi-tape are beautifully designed, and I am hopeful that they’ll expand their current offering.

The gel pens were probably the product that surprised me the most, as I thought I really didn’t need anymore, especially as I already have about 40 others, but I hate to admit that these pens are so incredibly smooth and vibrant, that they’re basically everything I didn’t know I needed from a gel pen.

The column inserts are great too, especially if you don’t already have a Journaling Bible with designs printed inside, as these are a great addition to colour and stick when you don’t feel up to designing an entire spread.

Another surprising product that I get a lot of use from is the Journaling Template which basically works to protect your page from felt-tip pens, gel pens and paint going through the page. Before discovering this gem, I’d often have colours soak through the pages, which makes it tricky to design on consecutive pages.

In addition to their Bible Journaling Kits, CUM Books have recently started offering washi-tape, stickers and gel pens that can be purchased on their own. While the range is still limited, I can’t wait to see it expand to include more options for us, Bible Journalers.

The Bible Journaling Kit retails for R550 from CUM Books and there are 2 variants available (see here and here).

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