You’re Beautiful The Way You Are

I don’t like my looks, I’ve got bulging eyes, my nose is small, my ears are off-balance, I hate my complexion, I dislike my hair, I am overweight, and I appear older than my age. I think I need a change of diet, more exercise, no! My cosmetics are the ones I should change. Wait a minute! Does that sound familiar to you? I’m sure you have heard that from a desperate friend or sounded it yourself.

Girl! Let’s straighten that out. There is no amount of body changes that can make you satisfied or happy with your looks. Until you come to accept and love yourself for the way you look. You would always believe if you can make a few changes here and there on your body, then it would appear the way you desire.

Paul speaking in 1 Timothy 6:6 says, But godliness with contentment is great gain. Did you read that?. Contentment in this context is beyond material and possession satisfaction, it also includes satisfaction with your God-given body.

What makes you feel you don’t look good? Or someone looks better than you? This is because you have failed to accept your uniqueness. Forgotten so soon that your creator is a being that loves variety. In short, He is crazy about variety. We see that portrayed in Genesis chapter one and two. God made all shades of vegetation and animals, for us to appreciate the wonderful works of his hands. What then convinces you that He left humans out of the picture of variety?

We have missed out on the real thing chasing after shadows of what is meant to be. We have lost the power of self-love to embrace body comparison with other women we see in the movies and magazines. Nothing is wrong in admiring a confident body shape. But everything goes pear-shaped when it results in self-hate. You’re much better than the way you look. So quit worrying about body fragility and get busy with your God-given purpose.

I think it’s about time we appreciate the body God gave us. We are His temple (1Chorithians 6:19). In essence, God dwells inside our body. God doesn’t feel cool when he sees his precious Pearls having sleepless nights over their bodies and how to look more gorgeous. All those changes alter God’s temple (your body).

The truth is, we need to grow into the stage of self-acceptance just like the psalmist, where he boldly declares; I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. —Psalms 139:14. Most times, we provide others the free tickets to treat us like trash through the way we value and adore our body.

Arise, and walk over to your dressing mirror and look beyond you and see God’s image staring back at you. Now! That’s exactly who you are. God’s image, likeness, and His temple. Stop struggling to look like someone else and use that time and give God praises for creating you uniquely. And there is no other person like you.

The power of self-love is a powerful weapon that can change your life for the better. Believing you are overweight and getting angry with your body, is enough to create a route for the devil to step into your life and mess things up. I don’t think you like the sound of that.

Self-love eliminates insecurity, fear, and low self-esteem. Furthermore, bring you a sound mind to live a peaceable life, combat the lies of the devil, fix all that isn’t going right with your family and your life.

Go get your life back. Pick it up from the trash bin of self-hate you have dropped it. You know, the less you care about amending all the faults on your body, your confidence is ignited which equals peace, love, joy, and a healthy lifestyle. It will amaze you, that with fewer worries those body faults becomes invisible to your eyes and unnoticeable to others.

Self-love is the best reward you can offer yourself as a woman. No matter how terrible you feel you look, beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, erase the thoughts of “what if he doesn’t like me or what if he thinks I’m overweight”. Go get busy with the needful. Be reminded that your impression about yourself is the way others will view and treat you. Hence, value your God-given body which is His temple

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