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You Are Enough

To those who find yourself believing the lie that you’re not enough, remember that God has a plan and purpose for your life. If he didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. Your purpose is very special and unique to you, and it takes guts and determination to figure out what that purpose is. But, if you put your trust in Him, God will help guide you in discovering your God-given talents and purpose.

Remember, you are enough for your friends. They want to be around you and they want to spend time with you, but more than that, your true friends want to see you succeed in life. They will encourage and help guide you in deciding which paths to take, all while cheering you on as you continue to achieve your goals throughout your journey. Remember, you are enough for your familyYour family will always be there for you! Through thick and thin, they are there to celebrate your achievements and pick you up when you fall. They love you and want nothing more than for you to succeed in life.

To those who feel like you’ll never get anywhere in life. You will. Never listen to the naysayers, even if it’s your own doubts that discourage you from following your purpose. Remember, that often, that little voice you hear, telling you that you can’t, is Satan trying to stop you from discovering your God-given talents, telling you that you aren’t enough with the hope that it will stop you. Satan wants you to believe that you will never accomplish anything or make anything of yourself. You might even find people saying things to discourage you but remember they are doing so out of jealousy. Jealous of all the things that you are on the cusp of accomplishing. Don’t let anyone’s jealousy stop you from working hard, instead use that as a drive to continue working towards your goals.

Of course, it can be difficult at times, especially when people aren’t supportive and their words bring you down, but that’s when you turn to God and remind yourself of how much you mean to HIM! If you allow their words to get to you, you will start to believe the lies and find yourself feeling discouraged. In these times, surround yourself with friends and family who remind you of how valuable you really are. More than that, spend time with God, and remember that you are His child. He made you in His image and know you by name.

God would not bring you this far in your life to not have your dreams, aspirations, and passions become a reality. If you have a dream and you work hard enough, He will help you make it happen.

To those who struggled in high school to get good grades, don’t let that define your journey! You’ve made it to the other side and now, you can decide and create the future you had always dreamt of. You are so much stronger than you think, so just keep believing in yourself and know that amazing things are waiting for you.

To those who are still in high school or college struggling to get the grades you need, hang in there. God will provide and give you the right teachers and professors to help you navigate through school. They will motivate, challenge and encourage you. Take each day as a learning experience and don’t ever give up!

To those who saw how others sailed through high school or college with honours and ease, stop worrying about them and getting caught up in comparison. They aren’t you. And their shine won’t dim yours! Celebrate their accomplishments and remember they don’t take away from your own achievements.

To those struggling to find a job, trust that the right job will come in time. Know that you’re exactly where you need to be, and when the time comes, God will provide you with the right job, in the right field, at the right company. Wherever you are supposed to be, you will get there – it might not always be in your time, but it will definitely be in God’s perfect time.

Remember, not to let doubt, anyone or anything stop you from doing the job that your heart longs for. If you want to become an astronaut, a doctor, or a nurse, go for it. If you want to work at McDonald’s, jump at the chance. Whatever if it is, put your mind to it, work hard and do it. The key is to do the things that set your heart on fire and bring you joy, so don’t make the mistake of following a career because someone expects you to, rather find the job that you love!

To those who are struggling with self-doubt, fear of failure, or, uncertainty, trust that things will turn around. Persevere and remember that everyone faces challenges! It may not always be in school or your career, but we all face our seasons and you’ll soon find that the difficult times help mould you into the person you’re meant to be, while the easier times let you flourish.

Always be proud of what you have overcome, instead of looking at how far you still have to go. And don’t forget to be grateful for the person you have become through your struggles, knowing that God has guided you to exactly where you need to be.

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