What if it’s true?

Part of why I love partnering with Struik Christian Media is that I am constantly being introduced to new authors that I may never have come across, had it not been for their enthusiasm and passion for introducing and promoting both local and international authors. Our partnership has lead me to discovering some of my new favourite Christian authors, some of which I may never have discovered if it weren’t for their brilliant team. Charles Martin is one of those authors, and his book, What if it’s True? changed the way I read and see the Bible.

See the Bible come to life before your eyes, as New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin uses his storyteller imagination to present the Bible as a novel, to help you engage with your faith in new ways. 

Years ago, Charles Martin cracked open his Bible and began wrestling with a few fundamental questions. He asked, “What if every single word of Scripture is absolutely true and I can trust it? How do I respond? Something in me should change, but what? How?” This book is the result of that exploration.

In What If It’s True? he brings key moments from the life and ministry of Jesus to life through his descriptive, novelistic words. In addition, Martin shares key moments from his own journey as a disciple—and bondservant—of Christ and a mentor to others. The result is an exploration of truth that helps us not just think differently, but live differently. Today.

Years, ago in the midst of my depression and when I was discovering how to lean on to God during those depressive seasons, I remember listening to a podcast where the speaker did something I had never seen or experienced before. She painted the picture of what it must have been like for Mary to witness Jesus hanging on the cross – she did so in a way that made me FEEL what it must have been like to be there. I remember how much more significant that scene felt, and now each time I imagine Jesus hanging on the cross, I imagine what it must have been like to be His friends or mother, and watch Him helplessly, not knowing or fully understanding what they now faced. I think of that a lot, and how the way the story was told pushed me to see the scene play out in a way I hadn’t thought of before. Suddenly, it was no longer just a story that I had read, but rather one that I felt

Charles Martin does something so similar in his book, and there were many instances where I found myself wiping away my tears. I highly recommend working through this book over some time – there’s a lot to think about and I found myself needing to walk away for a few days to process what I had just read, but it’s practical, easy to follow and written beautifully. While this is definitely not a quick read, the words and wisdom that Martin shares are sure to leave their fingerprint on your heart.

You can purchase your copy of What If It’s True? from leading book stores including CUM Books

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