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Wash People’s Feet

Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, yet on Maundy Thursday, He tied a towel around His waist and began to wash His disciples’ feet while having The Last Supper with them in the upper room. The disciples were understandably shocked at what Jesus was doing. They knew that normally only the lowliest people would wash people’s feet so were left wondering why Jesus was washing their feet. They even suggested that they should be the ones to wash Jesus’ feet, but through this simple act, Jesus taught us that we are to serve others.

In life, how are you washing people’s feet? Do you do the dishes or the laundry so your parents or significant other don’t have to? Do you make a meal for someone in need? Have you ever helped load groceries into someone’s car? What about walking someone across the street who struggles to do so on their own, or perhaps even opening the door for them? How about paying for someone else’s meal at the drive-through window, or buying someone a meal that couldn’t afford to? Are you supporting your friends and family on their hardest days, with simple gestures like listening, buying them their favourite sweets or encouraging them with advice?

If you have ever done any of those things then you have helped “wash people’s feet” by serving them, just like Jesus wanted us to.

Washing people’s feet means getting down and dirty, in the thick of things with people who need help. It means not thinking of yourself by being selfless, which can take a lot of discipline and patience.

You can ask God how you can best “wash people’s feet” with the gifts He gave you. Maybe you’re a great cook and can not only serve your family but also give to people in need. Maybe you see people at your church that might need help cleaning their homes and you step up to help out of the goodness of your heart. Maybe you have clothes that you don’t need anymore and want to donate to people who need them.

Serving in the church is another way you can wash people’s feet-by volunteering in any part of your church. Whether you sing in the praise team every week/weekend, cook meals for the church gatherings, help decorate the altar throughout the year or help with the soundboard, all of those things are ways that you are helping serve others and wash people’s feet. No matter where or how you volunteer at your church, you are making a difference in Jesus’ name. Just knowing that you’re helping others can move you to do even more wonderful things for people in your life and in your community.

God will bless you no matter what ways you choose to serve others. People may be surprised when you do something for them, just as the disciples were stunned at Jesus washing their feet. It’s ok if people are surprised by your actions. They may even ask you “what’s the catch?” You can reply, “I’m just doing what God has told me to do.” Talking about Jesus with them for those few seconds might spike their curiosity and it might also give you an opportunity to be a witness to them.

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