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To Be Saved

The idea that you can be truly saved, and yet remain as you are, is the biggest downfall of the modern-day church. To be saved, one must accept Jesus for all that He is and come to a place of knowing our Savior. If you have allowed our Saviour to fill all parts of your life, it is impossible not to be moved by the Glory of His Presence and remain unchanged.

To arise as sons and daughters of God, we must step beyond the mindset that to be saved we simply need to believe and acknowledge Jesus. To be saved is so much more than just believing. To be saved is to raise your hands to Heaven, close your eyes and feel the embrace of God, see God, and know Him for all that He is. To be saved is to open your heart, mind and soul to the Glory of God. To allow the power of God to move within. To allow that power to arise from the deepest depths of your being.

To be saved is to surrender all that is within you, every drop of poison, every vile thought, every dream, every desire, every breath. It’s about being totally empty and then letting the power of God move within your soul.
As the spirit of our Father fills every void and every need, He quenches your thirst and satisfies your hunger. The very character of God will overflow from you; love, grace, and goodness flow freely through the veins of a saved soul.

To be saved is to be totally, utterly unraveled, unwound. It’s desperate, heart-wrenching sobs of repentance at what you were before. To be saved is to be moved, to fall on your knees in absolute awe at the love God has for you. To be saved is to be moved so intensely by His Glory and His Holiness that you can do nothing but lie face to the ground, tears streaming from your face, completely overwhelmed by the magnificence of His Presence.

To be saved is to encounter your reflection and see yourself the way you were created, the very image of He who breathes life into you. To be saved is to encounter the heart of God, to let your heart reach beyond what you know, beyond what you think, beyond what you feel and move to a place where the very breath of God is felt, heard, moving and awakening every fibre, every nerve of your being.

To be saved is so much more than simply declaring, ‘I am saved.’ It is the resurrection, the revival, of mind, body and soul. It is the beauty of broken and shattered pieces being moulded back to wholeness.

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