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The Scarlet Woman

Anna ran towards the lopsided barn.
Anticipation high with a hope that danced inside her tormented soul.
Would he look into her eyes and know.
Would he see her ugly truth?
The hiddenness…….the wanting……….the desperate need.
Shame washed over her like groans from hell.
Former accolades and pats on the back shredded in the face of undisguised brokenness.
She was a woman without value who was trying to recall a vague impression of what she once was.
Groping inside her mind for a tiny glimpse of her former self. The woman before sin happened.
The scarlet letter that was branded into her soul.
Her nails dug into her flesh as if to rip out the stigma that clung to her like a second skin.
Would he love her; what was there to love. She was fallen, tainted, tagged.
There was no hope for a woman like her. The stones had broken her will to rise.
Sin loomed large and monstrous, mocking her attempts at freedom.
Her body twisted in agonised cries and searing pain.
She stumbled on the grassy verge and pounded the grief that was too much to bear.
A fallen woman racked with untold misery and blinding guilt.
She lay where she fell, too drained to continue. Wretched and rung out.

He saw her through the pressing throng and slowly pushed towards her.
Anna sobbed like a broken vessel.
“I am so lost Lord……….unloved – unworthy of love – I don’t belong – I am as a leper.
Great waves of compassion washed over him and with gentleness, he folded her into his arms.
Nothing hidden.
Mercy reached out to cleanse her tortured frame. To heal the bruises left by gossipmongers and nay-sayers.
“It is the end of you. What a shameful woman you are”. Voices that haunted her every sleeping moment. But God loved her with everlasting love.
“Oh, my Lord”, you know everything about me.
Heaven gazed at her remorse and grieved with her for loss and lives pained at her hand;
for innocence plundered and dignity spent.
Anna whimpered into God’s heart like a lost little girl.
kissing the hands that were pierced for her.

“My dearest Anna”, he wept, “Don’t you know that my grace is relentless……all-sufficient for you.
Nothing will ever change that”.
Her being shook with the power of truth that unshackled her shame,
the truth that removed the scarlet branding from around her neck and flung it inside the dilapidated vintage parked with great pride beside the barns faded wooden walls.
In an instant all things became new. She was free.
Free like an eagle gliding over mountain peaks and across emerald skies.
“Your presence gives me strength to walk amongst my accusers,
and your grace will follow after me and preserve my soul”.
Her words melted into tears of joy as she lifted her face to a holy God who pardoned her sin.
A Saviour who wrote a promise upon the tablet of her heart.
A Father who made all things new and gave her a fresh start. A second chance.
The Balm of Gilead had come for her just as he said he would.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. he protects their bones, not one of them will be broken. The enemies of the righteous will be condemned.

He had kept his promise.

“Anna, Anna’! slowly her mother’s voice reached through her vision and plucked her back to reality. You are too late to meet your appointment. Why on earth did you sleep so late?!”
Anna sat up and at once felt the tears on her cheeks, and the absence of the scarlet tag. It’s imprinted barely visible on her chest.

She hastily dressed and ran towards the lopsided barn seeking a dilapidated vintage that held the answers she sought.

She felt free.

Free like an eagle gliding over mountain peaks and across emerald skies.


Free at last!

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  • #Radically Loved
    Posted at 10:13h, 25 February Reply

    Nice aromatic feel to your writing

  • Beulah Kleinveldt
    Posted at 08:12h, 26 February Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity. I pray that this platform wo become a remarkable outreach to women.

  • Veronica Kenny
    Posted at 10:29h, 26 February Reply

    Gittering mentorship, Dose of empowerment,mentorship and above all ,inspiration!thank you Bountiful friend woman of Valor.

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