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Remember To Recharge

In case you woke up needing it, I wanted to take the time to remind you that you don’t have to obsess over the things that you don’t have control over.

It might be easier said than done, but stop allowing your circumstances to take a hold of your life, especially when there’s nothing more that you can do about them. Remember things like the traffic, the weather, how others react towards you, and their behaviour, is all OUT OF YOUR CONTROL and there is no point in stressing yourself out, especially when there’s nothing more you can do to change that.

Consider that when you start getting overwhelmed by the things that you can’t control, you end up losing yourself in your emotions, and your thoughts become scrambled, which can impact your reaction and how you feel. So, next time, when you find your thoughts are stopping you from seeing a situation straight, try taking a step away from whatever you are doing and spend some time recollecting yourself by doing the things that bring you joy and distract you from your worries, like going for a walk, listening to music, watching a movie, exercising, or reading your bible. Taking some time away can help clear your thoughts and might even help you see the situation from another side, that you might have been too frazzled to consider previously.

These days, people feel guilty for taking time off to gather their thoughts and work on themselves. Remember that often, when we feel frazzled, it’s a reminder that we need rest, and the best place to find rest is in Him. You should never feel guilty for taking time to recharge and focus on your mental health, especially in this day and age, when burn out is a very real problem.

God reminds us throughout the Bible that He wants you to take breaks and seek rest. He wants you to be able to find peace and content while handing Him all your worries and concerns and trusting Him to take care of it for you. Remember that He is always there, waiting for you and ready to carry the burdens of your day. Seek Him, and you’ll find rest.

Stop beating yourself up when you don’t always manage to get everything done in a day. Don’t drive yourself to mental anguish over your task list. Sometimes, our own expectations of ourselves are just too high and letting go of the need to control every aspect of your life is key to being happier, calmer and more content.

It is healthy to remember that no one is perfect except Jesus Himself and that it’s not necessary to put that kind of pressure on yourself, with the hope of achieving perfection. Jesus didn’t have to strive for perfection, because He was perfect already in every way. So why should you put the unneeded pressure and stress on yourself to be perfect in life, at work, in marriage, at home, with your kids, or in any aspect of your life? That constant nagging feeling to be perfect will eventually weigh you down, to the point where you will feel nothing but mental exhaustion. You don’t deserve to work yourself to death.

Don’t stress over the things you can’t control. Give them to God and find the peace and rest you need. He will lead you through your troubles, even when you don’t see the light yourself. Enjoy the times He tells you to take breaks in your life, instead of dismissing them and refusing them. He allows you to take breaks because He knows you need them.

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