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My Favourite Bible Apps

If like me, you find yourself scrolling through social media waaaaay too much and want to make better use of your “scrolling” time by downloading and using a Bible App, then, this is the blog post for you! Over the last few months, I have downloaded several Bible apps to test and figured I would share a handful of the ones I love the most.

Daily Grace Co.

Download on Android.

The Daily Grace Company is an all-round incredible platform that has a thriving blog, podcast, magazine, app, store and online community. Their range of faith-inspired products are exquisite and high on my wishlist, unfortunately, shipping to South Africa is SO expensive but one day, I promise to own several of their beautifully designed Bible studies and products, even if it’s just to support the amazing women behind the brand. I was so excited to discover that they had launched an app – a convenient hub for you to access and use their Bible studies, chat to community members, and read recent blog posts. In theory, this is a great app but I keep encountering several glitches, like not being able to purchase a Bible study or the app randomly closing. However, it is still a firm favourite because I like that I am able to read and scroll through their blog which is filled with amazing stories, testimonies and articles. This is my app of choice when I am busy putting my kids to sleep and feel like reading something more than just Instagram captions, but don’t necessarily feel like reading a book.


  • Studies: Join us as we walk through the Bible focusing on specific books of the Bible or themes in Scripture.
  • Community: Be a part of a community of women who are passionate about Scripture, and knowing God more. This is a place to encourage each other, study Scripture together, share resources, and prayer requests.
  • Lock Screens: Download lock screens with Scripture and prayers to help remind you of God’s love.
  • Blog: Read articles on topics including Christian Living, theology, relationships, prayer and more!


Enduring Word

Download on Android.

This is one of my newest discoveries and one that I am glad I stumbled upon. Enduring Word provides detailed commentary and dissemination of the Bible teaching work of David Guzik and likeminded people. The app is especially great for when you’re struggling to understand or want to dig deeper into the word, as it provides history, context, translations, definitions and cross-references. I love just how useful, convenient and intuitive this app is, and can’t believe how much work has been put into developing it – AND did I mention that it’s free? This is such a phenomenal teaching tool and resource, and one that should definitely be on your phone!


She Reads Truth

Download on Android.

I use the She Reads Truth Bible for my daily bible reading, so it’s no surprise that I love their pocket-version app too. In fact, this is likely my favourite Bible app of all time. Just like their Bible, the app ticks all the right boxes for me and makes reading the Bible on my phone incredibly convenient, functional and enriches my devotional time with their easy to follow reading plans.  I personally feel that their monthly subscription is completely worth it, as you get unlimited access to their wide range of Bible Studies and Reading Plans that are all so well designed and executed. I used their app to complete my study through Romans and LOVED just how much more I took from it, because of their commentary which makes even the most complex passages digestible and easier to understand and apply to my own life.


  • Gorgeous, user-friendly layout and design
  • Full-text Bible (with new translations added soon!)
  • Free and paid devotional reading plans, with new content, added daily
  • Bookmarking, journaling and sharing capability
  • Real-time commenting that syncs with the She Reads Truth web site
  • Beautiful, shareable images featuring content from the daily scripture and devotional readings
  • Free, downloadable scripture lock screens for your phone (an excellent tool for scripture memorization!)
  • In-app camera with free photo overlays
  • Customizable notifications to remind you to read Truth at your ideal time of day
  • Bible search function
  • Settings for font size, preferred Bible translation, red-letter function, and nighttime display

Bible Hub

Download on Android.

Bible Hub is an easy to navigate and user-friendly Bible App, that packs everything and more into a well-executed app, for you to read your bible on the move while tapping into other resources too. It might not feature the usual aesthetics seen in the other apps featured on this list, but it is well designed, reliable and features a variety of resources and teachings that I haven’t typically found in other Bible Apps. I personally like that I am able to lookup certain topics in the Bible and see verses related to those topics, the devotional also offers some really good encouragement each day and one of my most used features is being able to look up a specific bible verse and access all the different translations, which is great for digging deeper.

And that’s a wrap on my favourite Bible Study apps – have you spotted some of your favourites? Do you think there are others that I should add to my list? Let me know in the comments below, so I can download and feature them too!

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