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Love Talk

Love Talk is like no other communication book you’ve ever read. The fruit of years of research by two foremost relationship experts (who also happen to be husband and wife), this book forges a new path to the heart of loving conversation. You’ll begin by identifying your security need and determining your personal communication style. Then you’ll put together everything you discover to learn how the two of you can speak each other’s language like never before.

This very day, you can begin an adventure in communication that will draw the two of you closer, and closer, and closer . . . consistently, in a way that creates the depth and connection you long for in your relationship.

Love Talk includes:

  • The all-new Better Love Assessment
  • The secret to emotional connection
  • When not to talk
  • A Communications 101 primer
  • Practical help for the “silent partner”

Need help kick-starting your conversations? Check out the companion men’s and women’s Love Talk workbooks, as well as Love Talk Starters.

In this book, you will be taught to speak each other’s love language like you never have before. Drs Les and Leslie Parrott, are number one New York Times bestselling authors and founders of the revolutionary Better Love Assessment ( The book has been designed for use with the companion his/her Love Talk workbooks. They have segmented the book into three parts which I found so informative.

Let’s talk about talking

Communication, if used to its full advantage, holds the promise of bringing two people together to a level so profound that anyone on the outside can never truly comprehend. This book is the result of many years of research, and it will show you exactly what the authors discovered. It’s a deep and simple plan for everything a loving conversation has to offer. Drs Les and Leslie want this book to be an effective tool for any and every couple who wants to find a better way of speaking each other’s language.

More than any other measure

Couples gauge the depth of their connection by the satisfaction of their conversations but some couples routinely underestimate the importance of talking. Study after study indicates that improving your communication increases the quality of your relationship more than anything else you do. The authors also go on to explain how vital quality communication is to your relationships and show you how bad communication can spoil a good relationship. Whether a relationship sinks or swims depends on how well partners send and receive messages and how well they use their conversations to understand and be understood.

Good communication keeps the relationship alive

Time and talk are always a winning combination. Good communication requires time to talk – it simply cannot happen while you are travelling at breakneck speed. So cure your hurry sickness, take a deep breath and obey the speed limit of human connection. If you want to improve your communication you must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your conversations. Misunderstanding usually does not result from not hearing the words but from not clarifying the meaning of the words.

How you say the things you do

How you and your partner react to change makes a huge impact on your conversation. Whether you know it or not, much of your daily conversation centres on change. Negotiating change is one of the four big conversational topics every couple encounters. No matter how resistant to change a person might be, one specific type of change is always welcome. It’s a type of change that ties itself to loyalty and rather than threatening a person’s emotional security need, this kind of change actually bolsters it. Changing one’s ways to become a better person overrides even the strongest resistance to change because it brings about devotion and cultivates commitment.

Enjoy Love Talk

“A good heart and a good heart are always a formidable combination”. Words by Nelson Mandela, he could have been talking about intimate relationships. A couple who tunes into this powerful combination discovers a new depth in their conversations, a new way of connecting together. Take a moment right now to fully immerse yourself in your partner’s world. This will take just 10 minutes or so and could very well change the way you view one another.

Purchase your copy of Love Talk at leading book stores and online at CUM Books.

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