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Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All” consists of spiritual messages for our despairing world.  We are encouraged to pray for the following three things daily: peace-on-earth; the conversion of the evil ones; and for God’s intercession with our world leaders.


The book’s messages always begin with “Dear Child” because we are all children of God. Mary, Jesus’s mother, pleads with us to return to God now before it’s too late. Must God bring about more hardship in order to get our attention?


Her messages are comforting and reassuring stating that “God is with us always, and in all ways.” We need to place all of our troubles into God’s hands, then watch the miracles happen. He will handle our troubles better than we could ever dream possible.


We are constantly assured that better days are coming filled with peace, joy, love and happiness.  Look forward to these days, for they are quickly approaching.  Watch the process, as all is well, and being made well…


We are told that ” Soon, oh so very soon, you shall experience peace-on-earth.  Soon, oh so very soon, you shall witness Christ’s second coming!  Yes, my child, yours in the generation that will experience all of these things.  The best is yet to come!”


Mary tells us not to get discouraged.  “Place everything into God’s hands, then watch as His miracles begin to unfold right before your very eyes.”


She says, “My child, you are living in one of the most exciting times in mankind’s history!  You are on the precipice of 1,000 years of peace!  Yes, my child, these changes are upon you now!  All for the better I may add… People shall love God with their whole heart and soul, and love their neighbors as themselves.”


Mary states for us to “Remember to remain very close to us, and we shall guide you through it all.  Remember that God hears your prayers and answers them.  Remember that you are never alone.  God is with you always and in all ways guiding and protecting you.”


Mary said, “Child, continue to pray for your world, and your country.  Evil forces are attempting to overthrow your government!  Pray that this does not happen.  Remember, that God hears your prayers and answers them.  Remember, that all is well, and being made well.”


“You are witnessing a battle of good vs. evil.  Good shall conquer evil.  Watch as it all unfolds…”


My book includes messages received from Mary and Jesus from 2003 to 2018.  My podcast includes messages received from 2019 to the present moment.  All of these messages are date and time-sensitive based on current events.


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