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Litany of Living and Learning

“ I have learned to be content with whatever I have … I have learned the secret of living in every situation.”

Philippians 4:11-12


I have learned: to give thanks to God, who gives me His all.
To be aware of God-Moments in my daily activities
To embrace each day as a true God-given gift
To ponder the Word of God as it applies to my life
To Thank God each day for every Blessing He brings my way


I have learned: to live with Gratitude.
To recognize my Blessings with thoughtfulness
To Pray, from my heart, during my day
To Listen: to the Voice of God in Silence
To my heart
To my conscience and intuition
To my thoughts and feelings


I have learned:  to treat myself with tenderness.
To find Joy in simple things
To accept my challenges with Grace, for these too
Carry a Blessing
That Humility is a gift that gives me quiet strength
To seek peace in my heart, my family, my home, my life
To be honest in all things
To love with all my heart, and have the Courage to
Speak of my Love for God


I have learned:  to see Goodness in all people.
To live, love, and share my day with others
To appreciate the Kindness, Care and Concern of those
Who are my Caregivers
To withhold Judgement on all people, for they too have their personal story
To live with a spirit of Empathy and Compassion
To share my abundance with Generosity
To offer  Forgiveness  when it is deeply needed
To offer my Suffering for the Salvation of those who do not know God,
Having no one to pray for their Salvation


I Thank You, Dear Lord, for the Gift of my unshakable Faith,
which is my Rock,
and in You lies my Trust, my Hope, and my eternal Salvation.
In Praise and Thanksgiving, my Love for You fills my heart with deep devotion.
I will Glorify your Holy Name all the days of my life.

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