Light for the Journey Ahead

The presence of light in a place can’t be overemphasized. It’s difficult to see through the dark when the power supply goes off at night. We begin to struggle to locate our phones or lamps, oftentimes we stumble upon things during the search, because we can’t see even with our eyes wide open. We become uncomfortable and crave the light. The moment the power is restored, there is a sense of relief in our hearts as we return to our activities.

Likewise, the world system has brought darkness upon many souls. Their physical eyes can see, but their life is devoid of light. That’s why they are confused about what to do with their lives. They lack definite directions and nothing seems to be working out for them. This darkness is also found among Christians, whose hearts are now enveloped with bitterness and sorrows. They keep stumbling upon obstacles, making little progress, and sailing on the seas of setbacks.

As Christians, we’re not created by God to walk in confusion, neither are we ordained to be overshadowed by hardship and difficulties. The moment you start experiencing setbacks in achieving good things, you need to retrace your steps. Have you lost your sense of purpose? That’s a warning sign to seek God’s light. God’s light in our lives gives us direction. His light brightens our souls and casts away every form of darkness.

To enjoy and experience the light of God in your life, make the word of God your companion. Hearing His words, opens our understanding and enlightens our spirit on what decision to take. Psalms 119:130 tells us, “The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”

The more of God’s word we study, the fewer mistakes we make in life because we can now see all we’re intended to do through His light. I love what the Psalmist said in Psalms 119:105, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” In other words, God’s word illuminates our paths. We are not permitted to fail as children of light.

We stumble in life due to the absence of God’s light in us. To prevent the agony of confusion and hurt, cherish the word of God and crave it daily. Never take God’s word for granted. The word of God can be expressed in different ways, there is the written word of God which is the Bible and the spoken word of God.

The spoken word of God is specific and different, giving us a sense of direction. We hear God’s voice when we sustain an intimate fellowship with Him. He speaks gently to our hearts and also audibly, as He spoke to Samuel (1 Samuel 3:4-10). His spoken words dissolve doubt from our life. Most times when we pray to God, our answers are delivered via the spoken word of God. In essence, our hearts need to be open and focus while we pray.

Furthermore, God’s light can be accessed through the reading of spiritual books, listening to podcasts, audio tracks, and watching videos that teach God’s word. The quality of God’s Word in your life determines the abundance of His light in you, which brightens your path and protects you from stumbling. Receive grace today to study God’s Word daily and effectively in Jesus’ name.

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