South African Christian Network for Women - Cup of Faith

Just a Moment

Oh Lord, we want to stop for a moment.
We want to stop in the chaos.
We want to stop the hustle,
And just be still.

In the stillness of this moment,
From the depths of our hearts,
We pour out an offering of love.

In this moment,
this glorious moment,
We thank you Lord for every breath,
Every beat of our hearts,
We thank you, Lord,
For the privilege to be alive right now,
For this moment

Oh Lord,
In this moment,
we glorify Your Mighty Name,
We lift You up,
We exalt you above everything.
Oh Lord,
In this precious moment,
we just want to say we love You.

It will take more than a moment,
To truly express our love.
But Lord,
Take this moment,
And hear the song of love,
That flows from the depths of our soul.

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