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How to make the most of your devotional time

As a Christian, the one thing we all know we “should” be doing regularly is spending some quiet time with God. Sometimes, you might find the time to be quite boring or feel that you could be using the time in other ways, perhaps you spend the entire time worrying about everything else that needs to be ticked off your chore list, not always realising that you’re approaching your devotional time with the mindset that it’s a chore instead of seeing it as an opportunity to connect with Jesus.

In this video I share what I have learnt and how to really enjoy and embrace the time I spend with God, these are all things I wish someone had told me earlier because it’s completely changed my approach to devotional time.

This information really helped me to relax, take the pressure off and learn to enjoy being with God, rather than focusing on what I felt like I “should” be doing in a quiet time. I hope that it brings you some freedom in this area too. Do you find devotional time to be a challenge? If so, what do you think you could be doing better?

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  • Margaret Kramer
    Posted at 16:13h, 29 August Reply

    Thank you for a great talk Jodi. Your words inspire me to be be flexible in my devotions, using various ways to connect with God daily.

    My way to to connect with God, and quiet my mind before I begin my devotions, is to listen to a favourite worship song. There are so many that touch me when I sit and listen to the words and let the melody minister to my heart. Then my heart becomes present to God, and I begin my daily readings to guide me into prayer, meditation, and journaling. It is my best time of day!

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