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Local Artists Navigating Covid-19: Ernie Smith

I’ve decided to reach out to artists to see how they are navigating Covid-19 with the hope of sharing their stories, tips and most importantly, sharing ways that we, as a community, can support our local talent, especially during these trying times.

Next is Ernie Smith.

The Jesus Collective is proud to announce the new radio single from multi-award winning South African singer-songwriter and guitarist, Ernie Smith, titled “New Day”. Smith is well known for his seamless fusion of genres within his music, which is evident in this track with the mix of R&B, Afro and Pop.

“New Day is a song about having hope that we will come out stronger after the Covid19 pandemic. It talks about keeping our hearts and minds on the Grace of our loving God. It declares His love, and His power over fear and the fact that God’s love casts out all fear,” explains Ernie Smith.

I see the dark clouds disappear
Grace is restoring us again
A greater Hope than we had before
As we trust in your word Jesus
We know that you will not forsake us
You will not let anything shake us
As we trust in your name
‘cause you stay the same
…There’s a new day coming

Born in Durban, Ernie Smith speaks English, Afrikaans and a little bit of Zulu. He started playing music at the age of 13 when he became a Christian and was exposed to live worship in church. “Worship is my heart’s connection to our Father’s heart,” says Smith. New Day was written and produced by Ernie Smith, from his Child Of The Light Studio in Johannesburg. “I love writing at home in my studio or in the house. Songs come to me at different times. A lot of times after I watch a good movie or when I come back from a jog,” adds Smith. 

In 2010 after a really dark period in Smith’s life and career, he went through a deep depression. God, by His grace, restored him and all that he had lost. Today Smith is a living testimony of the amazing love and grace of our loving Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Ernie Smith’s outstanding accolades include winner of four South African Music Awards, one Metro FM Music Award and one KORA All Africa Music Award. Smith has performed in Malaysia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, New York, New Orleans and Los Angeles and recorded with artists such as Jonathan Butler, Kirk Whalum, Neville D and BeBe Winans.

Through his life and through the message of his music, Ernie Smith wants to leave a legacy of grace, believing that all things are possible to those who believe. “It’s all about putting Jesus first in all things. It doesn’t matter your demographic; God will use anyone,” concludes Smith.

How have you been using your time during the lockdown?

I have been using my time during lockdown to bond with my family and help my kids with school work. I’ve been also learning to get to know myself in a way I never knew before.

What’s the first thing you look forward to doing when this is all over?

When it’s all over I look forward to getting on stage whether it be in a worship setting of just any musical setting and playing MUSIC!

I feel like the weight of the global pandemic and economic crisis has left many of us feeling overwhelmed, how do you rise above that and stay creative during this time?

I keep my eyes on God’s word and take that as the final verdict of how this will turn out! In Christ we live, move and have our being! He’s got the whole world in his hands!

Everyone is having to change the way they do things, as a result of the pandemic – how has your own industry changed, what challenges do you now face that you hadn’t before, and what steps are you taking to overcome them?

Well, the obvious change for creatives is the restrictions of live performances or ministry! I am doing a lot of production for people from home and then sending it to them to do vocals, as an example. Home broadcasts are also something to consider. I want to do a live broadcast of the single ‘New Day‘ real soon.

What is your message of hope to the people of South Africa?

Regardless of the obstacles, you are facing, ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ God always makes a way for us to triumph, so keep dreaming and seeing possibilities!

How can South Africans support artists during this time?

Demand that local music is played on local stations, and of course, by purchasing local music too!

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