Do It Lord! The Prayer Of Agreement

It all started when I was in attendance at my little fellowship one Saturday morning.

As usual, we got going with prayer — nothing coordinated by a programme; just flowing as the Holy Spirit would help us.

Then, just when everyone else seemed to be done praying, there was one lady who just continued to pray. She continued in sweet prayer that touched our hearts.

When she was through praying, I felt a little nudge to go over to her and simply pray for her. You know, just to give God thanks for using her and pray that her spirit be refreshed. I did so with no fanfare and in quietness.

Then, it happened…

Have you ever been in prayer only to feel the Holy Spirit take over your prayer?

I had that experience while I embraced our dear sister. I was through praying (emphasis on “I”…) when suddenly, out of the blue, I heard myself cry out, “Do it Lord!”

I was shocked, embarrassed and puzzled.

Do what, Lord?

I wasn’t praying about anything so specific to warrant such a prayer now.

I walked away from our sister feeling foolish. But, I continued worshipping with the brethren anyway!

We don’t always know what God is going to do. That is true of our destiny, our daily walk and, in this case, when we come together as brethren. But, as God’s children, our Father expects us to trust Him and agree with Him.

Although I walked away from that lady in embarrassment, I would soon realize what that “it” was.

As the service progressed, so did the worship from the congregants. Before an hour had passed, the same sister who I had been praying with, was baptised in the Holy Spirit!

Now I knew what I had cried out for! God wanted to set the stage for this outpouring, so the Holy Spirit sought agreement for it.

When I yelled out “Do it Lord!” I was ignorant in the moment, but God knew what He was going to do!

That’s just how it is sometimes. We accept being led by the Holy Spirit and trust God’s good intentions for us.

Now I want to ask you a question. What is the will of God for your life? For your next time of fellowship? For your business? The answer is we don’t always know.

But we can still come in agreement with the Lord’s will by faith!

We can and should diligently use prayer to prepare the way for God to work in our lives and fellowships.

So, whatever the “it” is, for your life and mine, let us release this prayer of agreement: “Do it Lord!”

Amen! Hallelujah!

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