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Divination in a Christian Life

“I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied, for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues.”

Prophesy or direct communication from God is something that isn’t talked about directly in today’s society. It’s either so watered down you might as well consult a fortune cookie, or it’s cornered in philosophy so much that people feel awkward about bringing it down to everyday life.

What people need to admit is that there are so many things in our lives today that aren’t spelled out in the Bible. We don’t have the answers in the Bible to which job is best for us, if we should marry and to who, or how we should handle our kids education especially in today’s digital lockdown world. The Bible doesn’t give us those answers but it does give us what we need.

It gives us tools.

The people in the Bible were just like you and me and it tells us in the Bible how those people heard from God and what divination tools they used. It gives us tools like: lots, casting a fleece which I call If This Then That,  and Signs. It also told us how to use them. We can prepare ourselves to use them with meditation, postures (yes those yoga classes are helpful for your body and soul), and gratitude.

I like to use simple examples because I find they hit home the best for me at least.

Let’s say we are getting ready to make a career change but feel uneasy about it for some reason. What does our Christian teaching tell us to do in this situation? Talk to a church leader? What will they do, there isn’t a verse in the Bible about this? Pray that God’s will be done and just ride the waves of life to see what it brings? That doesn’t seem like a very responsible way to make our life decisions. Ask God? Of course, but how do we hear his answer? What do we ask? This is where these tools in the Bible become so valuable. They will show us guidance and knowledge we couldn’t get otherwise.

What we need to do first is a life check. This may be what a Church leader would start with too of course. We need to see if there is anything in our life that is obviously blocking our connection with God creating this unease and confusion. I often start with forgiveness. If we are holding unforgiveness in our life it is very hard to move forward in any other area. Often this forgiveness is needed towards ourselves though. We hold so much guilt and past failures in our minds and we need to forgive ourselves and move forward.

One of the easiest ways to climb out of that rut is through gratefulness. Be grateful for the person you are becoming, for the work you will accomplish in your dream job, or for the spouse you have or will have someday. Getting your mind in tune with gratefulness is crucial to communicating with God. Even Jesus gave thanks before performing miracles.

After we have searched our life for hindrances we can prepare ourselves correctly. This starts with meditating. This is throughout the Bible as being a preparation for being in communion with God. We can both meditate to clear our mind but also meditate on our current question. Sometimes the answers come to us when we are least expecting them.

Although we may find ourselves leaning towards more peace about one decision or another at this point. For me, it would now be time to start using actual divination tools to get some information. It’s time to ask some questions and get some answers. If we are uneasy about a situation I find it best to discover what part of your life is actually being affected. Is this career change really a job issue? You might be having unease because it will be affecting your; home, family, spouse relationship, or money.

Casting Lots

We have a tool in the Bible called “Casting Lots.” Although there are many ways to do it the result is almost always the same. It takes many options and rules out many of them, so we can see what is left. We can cast lots to see which part of our life this career change will be affecting the most: Job, Home, Family, Spouse Relationship, or Money. After casting lots you find you have both money and spouse relationship come up as the main reasons. This is when you need to think about how this career change will affect those aspects of your life and talk with your spouse about it. It could be that you will be making more than your spouse now and are worried that this will change your relationship.

If This Then That

If after talking and thinking about it you still aren’t sure this is a good move you can use another great tool I like to call “If This Then That.” Some people call this casting a fleece before the Lord, as Gideon did. This is such a practical tool for gathering future information. Simply ask in faith “If This job is healthy for my life and relationship, Then (That) let them offer me the job with an extra perk that helps my family relationship.” That’s it, all you have to do is go about your life and see what God has to show you. When you get the job offer you will know immediately if they gave you that extra sign or not. You can make your decision with knowledge and confidence.

Using these tools allows you to make informed decisions in your life using the tools God gave us in the Bible to use. Learn more about these tools in the book “Divination in the Bible.” A wonderful way to learn about this is in a group environment. You will be inspired and surprised by the stories from people you know of how they have heard from God.

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