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Destress with Positively Awesome Activity Books

If you follow me on my personal account, you will probably know that I love to destress by baking, gardening and Bible Journalling. I find that anything that is methodical and gives me the sense of “completion” helps me work through my anxiety and is a healthy way of working WITH my overthinking brain – in other words, giving it something fun and light to focus on, can feel like a holiday and is a lot easier than trying to stop it from thinking altogether (let’s be real, that isn’t happening!)

I also think that for people like myself something as simple as baking a cake or completing a crossword can really help make me feel like I have accomplished something. Because to be honest, I find it challenging to sit still and not be productive, but also learnt that if I constantly work, I feed the monster that eventually leads to burn out and feeling overwhelmed.

Enter, my happy place: ACTIVITY BOOKS!

Christian Art Media recently sent me two of Mary Eakin’s Adult Activity Books called Brain Snacks and Mind Delights which are “Good-For-Your-Soul puzzles and activities for adults.”

Each book features a variety of fun activities that range from sudoku, word-search, dot-to-dot, drawing challenges, colouring in pages, spot the differences, mazes, and nonograms, all encouraging you to unwind, unplug and explore your creative side while also challenging and training your brain with fun and uplifting puzzles.

That’s right – every activity and puzzle have some sort of encouragement, motivation, inspiring quote or Bible verse to help put your mind at ease and improve your sense of joy, with the main goal of sharpening your mind while soothing your soul.

Now, I can spend my Saturday afternoon watching soccer AND training my brain all while feeling that sense of accomplishment from finishing a new puzzle or colouring-in picture. It’s a win-win! And just when I thought that these activity books were only my guilty pleasure, Darren – my husband – claimed Mind Delights as HIS activity book – cheeky bugger 😉.

Mary Eakin’s Activity Books are the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or even a simple Get Well Soon package for a loved one. They’re jampacked with different activities – I REALLY like the wide variety of activities because I can’t stand those puzzle books that are only one kind of puzzle – and do a great job of putting you in a more positive space while destressing.

You can get yours from CUM Books and other leading retailers for R129.

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