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Reasons to Guest Blog on Christian Blogs

Cup of Faith was created with the intention of Connecting Christian Women but I realised early on, that it’s impossible for everyone to relate to just me, so from the time I started developing this space, the focus has always been on welcoming new contributors and giving them a space to share their stories, testimonies and life lessons with the hope that no matter who you are, you can always find at least one other Christian woman whose story you can relate to and in time, connections are made and friendships are formed. In this post, I share some reasons and tips for contributing as a guest blogger to Christian blogs, like ours.

Guest Blogging Helps Grow Your Own Audience

A lot of our contributors have their own blogs and social media platforms, which they hope to nurture and grow. Through blogging on other guest platforms and Christian blogs, you are able to expand your reach and grow your audience, especially benefitting from bigger platforms that tap into the same target market that your own blog or platform is aimed at. It’s a lovely way to get fresh eyes on your own platforms, provided that your bio or guest post features a link back to your own platform so that readers are able to follow up and engage with you, if they liked your content.

Guest Blogging Helps Improve your Website’s SEO

Without getting too technical (I tend to do this often, as SEO is my passion and speciality) by having your own christian blog and website linked to from other Christian blogs, you are able to rank better in Google searches. It sounds crazy, but the simplest way I can explain it, is: every website that ever exists has a popularity ranking called a domain authority. This is a ranking out of 100 that Google uses to rank how “cool” and popular each website is, and when a website with a higher ranking than your own links to your website, Google considers it a thumbs up by the popular kids, kind of like they are vouching to you. With consistent thumbs up from the popular crowd, your website starts building on its own domain authority and pretty soon, you are on your way to the elite first page of Google.

You don’t have to worry about creating (or maintaining) a blog

Of course, while some of our contributors have their own blogs, others choose not to have one. For a handful of our contributors, they prefer to just focus on writing and by using our platform, they get to do just that and don’t have to worry about the technical stuff like how to develop a website, maintain a social media presence, grow a platform and learn SEO. Running a Christian blog like ours take A LOT of time (I spend about 4 hours on it, a day, and it’s still not enough!) so for a lot of people who just want to write and share their stories and testimonies, contributing to our blog means they get to focus on their writing and I take care of the rest!

You learn from each platform you contribute too

Back when I first started blogging, I loved guest posting, because I learnt a lot about how each blogger and platform manages their own site or platform. This helped me establish guidelines, become more efficient and figure out the best practices. I love that through guest posting allowed me to gain so much knowledge which is why I pride myself on always ensuring my contributors have the right tools and tips to help them pursue their own blogging goals. Whether it’s helping them set up their hosting, or sharing some industry insight that I have learnt over the last 8 years, I want to be able to share what I have learnt.

We share many stories

While this is more a benefit for us, I personally love the wide variety of stories and testimonies we have the honour of sharing. So often we meet women who have a story to share, but aren’t quite sure how or where to even begin, so I love that God has lead me to create this space, where I can offer guidance in getting those stories out there. More than that, it comes back to the main reason I created Cup of Faith at all, and that’s to Connect Christian Women. It brings me such joy knowing how many women have found encouragement, motivation and support in the words that we share right here – these words travel beyond borders and see places that I never will. Women from all over the world are inspired and find strength right here – and I LOVE THAT!

If you’d love to consider guest blogging for our Christian blog, then click over to our page and find out how to become a contributor. Whether you’d like to share once-off, weekly or month, we welcome you to sharing your story, lessons and testimonies with our readers.

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  • Ava James
    Posted at 16:59h, 08 October Reply

    This is so true, l have met some amazing bloggers with so many stories weaved with God’s grace. Thanks for sharing!

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