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Christ-Like Nature

Whenever someone wrongs you, you can choose to either respond in anger or with a Christ-like nature. Responding in a Christ-like nature means trying to understand things from the other person’s point of view. It sometimes requires a little bit of insight as to why they might be acting a certain way. Perhaps something in their life is stressing them out or they’re currently facing challenges that they’re feeling overwhelmed by. Maybe they don’t know how to deal with their emotions, or past traumas are preventing them from responding in a better way. Whatever the reason, do your best to respond to them in a Christ-like nature.

What is a Christ-like nature, you ask?

It means responding to them in love instead of retaliating. It means trying to see things from their point of view and taking the time to understand why they might be acting in a certain way. It’s important to remember that acting in a Christ-like nature doesn’t mean letting them walk all over you and take advantage of you. Try to be kind and understanding.

Some of the closest people in my life have contributed to my understanding of what it means to act in a Christ-like nature, including my dad, grandma, and my boyfriend, who have all taught me how to respond to people who have tried to hurt me. I have learnt through them, that when people go out of their way to hurt us, to respond by showering them in God’s love. Although it can be challenging, it is almost always worth it. After all, I’d rather be kind to people, than contribute to their pain.

Think about it for a few minutes. Who have you wronged in your life? Have you apologized to them? Did you become the bigger person and admit to them that you were wrong, even if it was painful or hard for you? Who has wronged you in your life? Did you ever forgive them the way Christ forgives you every day? When you become the bigger person and admit the wrongs you’ve done, you’re showing courage and strength of character. It takes a strong person to be the first one to admit that they were wrong and take responsibility for the things they have done.

When you take the time to remember that God forgives you every day for the sins that you’ve committed against Him, it makes you think about forgiving others. You can forgive them in the same way, no matter what they’ve done to you. Forgiveness is the key to peace in your heart. It takes time, courage and discipline to develop a Christ-like nature but it’s something you can work on every day!

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