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Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

After falling in-love with Redeeming Love, I was eager to tuck into another book by the outstanding Francine Rivers, and thanks to my collaboration with Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain and CUM Books, we settled on Bridge to Haven as our next read. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to finish the book yet (we were travelling when mine arrived, and since getting back have been drowning in work!) So, instead of writing a full review, I figured I would share a little preview of what the book is about, what I am looking forward to and what other’s had to say about it. Don’t worry though, I will be sure to update my review once I have had the chance to finish reading the book.

Bridge to Haven seems to have the same theme as Redeeming Love, where the main character Abra, has faced continuous struggles right from the day she was born. Abandoned by her birth mother under a bridge, Abra’s life was saved by Pastor Zeke who adopts her but following the death of his wife, Pastor Zeke sends Abra to live with family which leads to Abra feeling dejected, confused and alone. She is then enticed by a man to run off to Hollywood where she pursues life as an actress – but at what cost?

The story is based on ‘The Return of the Prodigal Son,’ which fills me with all sorts of excitement. I really like how Francine Rivers takes Bible Stories that we THINK we know and then retells them in a way that is easily applicable to life today, and adds little details that we might never have considered.

Personally, reading her books has been a great way of opening my mind when reading The Bible, as previously, I feel like I almost put a bit of distance between me and the stories we read in the Bible, as I sometimes struggle to process the significance of each retelling and see how the same stories might play out in life today. Francine Rivers paints with words in a way that makes me really look at the lessons in each story, which I have come to appreciate and love about her books.

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