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Bold Bible Girls Review

While I am a (very proud) mom to two boys. I was so excited and honoured when multi-award winning author, Lauren Jacobs, reached out to see if I would be willing to review her new book, “Bold Bible Girls” which immediately made me think of the special memories I had with my own mom as a little girl. I don’t ever recall having a favourite bedtime story but I do remember my mom spent time each night reading from a Bible for Little Girls and their Mothers. At the time, I didn’t realise it but now, thinking back, the small daily habit of my mom spending time with me each night, reading stories and then using the provided prompts to discuss her own childhood, challenges she faced and how she overcame them was exceptionally impactful and is now considered a treasured memory.

I don’t underestimate the power of affirmations and speaking confidence into our children, which is exactly what Lauren has achieved through her new book, “Bold Bible Girls” which highlights the overlooked lives of Bible girls with the vision to inspire young girls to see themselves as competent and strong individuals. I love that more and more books, movies and media are over-turning the narrative that girls need a prince in shining armour to rescue them when really, they’re talented, creative and capable.

Lauren is a badass woman in her own right. Seriously, I am almost glad I didn’t know who she was before she emailed me because I would most certainly have embarrassed myself fangirling. Lauren is passionate about the forgotten narratives of Biblical women. She has a BA in English, Psychology, and a Masters in Divinity, and presents biblical truth through the art of storytelling. She has been a theology scholar and bible teacher for over a decade and presents a variety of women’s teachings to over 15,000 subscribers each week. Her debut historical novel Yehudit Chosen by God, won the Desmond Tutu – Gerrit Brand award in 2017. This was followed by her USA win, the Next Generation Indie Book Award for best Christian Fiction for her second title Shelamzion Queen of Israel in 2019. Lauren’s work as a social justice Biography journalist has led her to write dozens of articles on global issues facing women and the girl child. Her work has appeared in magazines, curriculum, anthologies, journals and her poetry has been used by abuse and rape survivors. Bella Magazine named Lauren, “South Africa’s very own Wonder Woman.” She is an ordained minister and co-leads a global teaching ministry with her husband. She serves as an advisory board member for a global advocacy organisation working in Kenya with refugee girls, and she hosts her own weekly talk show on Radio Cape Pulpit.

I don’t usually share author biographies as part of a book review, but I think it’s so important to know where this book comes from. Knowing very little about Lauren, myself, I can say just by reading this that the messages she teaches in her book for children is exactly what she lives each day and I feel that we need to be featuring and talking more about the Wonder Women in our communities, like Lauren, who are fighting the good fight, empowering our girls and leading the way in their respective industries.

Bold Bible Girls shines the light and shares the stories of 12 brave role models who every little girl can learn a lesson from. This is not your typical religious children’s book but instead, it is fierce, passionately driven and gutsy with themes that touch on leadership, bravery, social justice, compassion, kindness, owning what it means to “be a girl,” and more. The illustrations are beautiful and proudly diverse, with each one representing a different girl from across the globe.

Each story is accompanied by a devotional section with prompts to think, pray, and talk, giving parents and their daughters the space to reflect and share examples and themes in their own lives which relate to those of the Bible girls seen in the story. Just like my own personal story, where I shared how the daily devotional time with my mom was something that I looked forward to, I love that this provides moms and daughters with the opportunity to bond and learn more about one another through prompted conversation points

Growing up, I was blessed to be raised by strong women who constantly encouraged me to be fierce in my pursuit for what sets my heart on fire. They showed me that what some label as “overly emotional” was truly my empathy and what others may call too loud, was really just me challenging the norm. I grew up with confidence (not without insecurities) and the belief that I could make my dreams a reality – something I still very much believe. And it’s this sort of upbringing which lead me to unintentionally walking into a male-dominated industry, where I have worked twice as hard, but have very proudly taken my seat at the table where I know I belong. So, while I am a boy mom, I do believe that books like these play an incredible role in moulding little girls, which is why I chose to share this review, with the hope that every girl mom and parent decides to pick it up and spend time speaking confidence and boldness to their own little girl.

You can get your copy of Bold Bible Girls from Lauren’s Online Book Store here.

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