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Live in Grace, Walk in Love 365-Days of the Year

2020 – what more is there to say? I feel if there’s one lesson we can take from last year it’s that we all need to love each other a little harder. I tend to spend loads of time on social media and feel that a large portion of problems would be solved if we would just stop, take a breath and choose love – it’s not THAT hard, is it?

I hadn’t heard of Bob Goff before, but ahead of choosing to review this particular book I did a quick Google search and was in awe of how many comments noted how much they adored him – not a book that he wrote or his preaching, but HIM. Some even went on to describe his storytelling as magical and now, I can completely understand why.

 Bob Goff is the author of the New York Times bestselling Love Does; Everybody, Always; and Dream Big as well as the bestselling Love Does for Kids. He’s a lover of balloons, cake pops, and helping people pursue their big dreams. Bob’s greatest ambitions in life are to love others, do stuff, and, most importantly, to hold hands with his wife, Sweet Maria Goff, and spend time with their amazing kids.

One look at his website, headshot, or the bright covers of his book, and you can’t help but feel joy. (Also, I get serious Pixar’s Up! vibes, and man, I loved that movie so much that anything that reminds me of it, already gets a thumbs up) so, although unfamiliar with his work (which now I am driven to read, this year!) I was so excited to dig into his devotional.

Built on Bob’s trademark storytelling and unique way of helping us to see things in a new way, Live in Grace, Walk in Love takes us through an entire calendar year of meditations on how we can step out in love and confidence in every aspect of our lives. More than a tweet, less than a blog post, these devotional readings–accompanied by Scripture–will inspire and galvanize you live a more liberated, love- and life-giving existence than you ever thought possible.

Did you know that the word “love” appears 310 times in the King James Bible, 348 times in the New American Standard Bible, 551 times in the New International Version, and 538 times in the New Revised Standard Version? Love. Whether it’s the love you feel for your pet, sibling, spouse, soccer team, children – or even that morning cup of coffee, we’ve all felt what it means to love something or someone. But there’s no greater love than the love our Heavenly Father has for us, and that’s something I think we tend to forget about. Besides feeling His love, we should learn to love as He does; without condition, expectations, or limit.

This daily devotional is the perfect way to start each day and helps challenge you to love everyone. It features a bible verse for the day, which Bob then expands on in his practical teaching which is short, punchy, and easy to follow. Lastly, he ends the reading of the day with a question that serves as a prompt and often forces you to pause to consider your answer.

I loved that this devotional balanced practical biblical teachings and personal life stories from Bob and his family, to help encourage you to lead a life of love and grace. I especially liked how light the reading was – sort of like having a conversation with my grandparents over coffee – Bob does an amazing job of skipping the big, fancy words, and rather fills his book with affirming words of encouragement, and inspiring lessons that are simplified and easy to digest with the hope of guiding you on your faith journey in pursuing a love like Jesus’.

Like many, I found that although this book is beautifully broken up to be read daily throughout the year, I struggled to put it down and found myself reading it like a novel. I think this is an amazing devotional for the new year and would make a beautiful gift for your loved ones, best friend, or neighbor. Who am I kidding, after such a bad year, who needs an excuse to spread more love, anyway?

You can purchase your copy of Live in Grace, Walk in Love from leading book stores including CUM Books

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