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A new take on Creative Bibles

As you probably know, when I first decided to launch our Instagram account (which later lead to the launch of this website) it was mainly to share my Bible notes and my (amateur) bible journalling. It was a space to be creative and explore my bible in a new and colourful way. Recently, Erin contacted me to share the news about an app he is working on – one that I think we can all get excited about.

If you feel inspired to create, journal and explore your bible while still being able to take it with you wherever you go, then you will love the all-new Bible for Creatives app for iPad! Take your Bible everywhere you go and create art, let your creativity flow with journaling, or just make notes. All you need is an iPad and a stylus like the Apple pencil – and the new Bible for Creatives app.

Erin and his wife both love exploring their bibles creatively but much like myself felt they couldn’t always find their crafty supplies (thanks kids!) or that it was just too bulky to cart around on the go. The idea is to create the cleanest and most versatile bible app that lets you explore your bible without limitations and gives you full creative control, meeting the needs of a much larger creative bible community who wants more from a digital bible app.

Things that make this Bible App stand out from the rest:


The Bible for Creatives is not like any other Bible app you have experienced before. It has been designed from the ground up, starting with a blank wireframe, and little by little, they have added the functions to make this the perfect Bible app. Erin says he focused on making the app simple, easy to use and minimal in look and design, giving you enough white space to apply your art, notes and creativity, without taking away from the typical digital bible reading experience of being able to easily access scriptures in your favourite translations, conveniently from your device.

The app gives you complete control on how to customise your bible, right from choosing the amount of white space you feel suits your creative needs in the margin and between the lines of text, to which size and style of the font you prefer, and whether you like to read vertically or horizontally. It’s also got a built-in dark mode (LOVE!!!) or an elegant light theme to choose from.  The last step to getting set up, is picking your preferred translation which they are constantly expanding on the choices available so that you always have access to the translation you are comfortable with.

Once you’re all set up, you are ready to draw, write, paint, highlight, and do (almost) whatever you like. Your imagination is the only limit! I personally love the little customisations they have included like an adjustable ruler, the choice to add support lines, background options and a place for you to save and access all your favourite verses.

The fun doesn’t stop there – you can also create as many bibles as you like (this is a great option for families who share their iPad and allows each family member to have their own creative bible, to customise and suit their style). You’re also able to select your design to share on social media easily, search for keywords and have related bible verses come up, as well as have a read-only mode which allows for distraction-free reading.

I love that Erin has thought to include so many features, that I find limiting about my own creative bible – sometimes I make a mess and want a do-over. Now, that’s actually possible and doesn’t mean painting over my design (for reals, I have done this one too many times!)! I also love that I’d be able to be creative from the comfort of my bed without the need for all my paint, stickers and crafting supplies – or better yet, I don’t need to constantly be buying crafting supplies. More than that, I like that I have access to different translations and have the ability to customise my bible to look exactly the way I want.

If you love the sound of this app as much as I do, you can help Erin by donating towards the completion of the app via his Indiegogo campaign. Read more about it here, and be one of the first to try this wonderful and exciting new app that is about to change the way we interact with Bible apps. 

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