Be Encouraged

I usually thought life was all rosy and fun-filled. Back in those days when I had my entire life altogether, fewer worries!

I thought wrong!

I began to see the clearer picture when I had to face the real world. Situations around made me withdraw my previous statement about life being rosy. Life isn’t all rosy, it’s a mixture of ups and downs. Happy times and frustrating moments. Finding strength amidst trials isn’t an easy track to trail on. So, there were days we felt we couldn’t keep up any longer. Most of us had suicidal thoughts flipped through our minds and had no one to turn to… I could recall nights I stayed up crying due to the pain I felt inside.

However, through it all, we’re still pushing strong, hoping that our next step will set us free from the invisible cage we’re locked up inside. Be encouraged sis, that whatever you’re going through has a temporary effect and doesn’t define you. Though it seems help isn’t forthcoming despite inputting your best, be encouraged! It may seem difficult to find strength amidst trials you’re going through but know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Weeping may last for the night, but joy is set to come in the morning. The storm of life won’t overcome you, you’re not alone in this. I know there are lots of unanswered questions running through your mind. You wondered if God truly exists and still cares for you. Personally, there were times in my life I made those confusing statements. But not anymore.

My growth in God has shown me the way of finding strength amidst the trial through the lens of the Bible. I tell you, sis! Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint – Isaiah 40:31. Therefore, worry less.

Perhaps, you lost your job and none seems forthcoming. Stay strong! The great provider will intervene if you don’t relent in asking. It looks like your home is tearing apart. Be encouraged the prince of peace(Jesus Christ) is on His way to the rescue, don’t faint before He arrives.

Are you still battling with secret sin, feeling no one cares? If yes, you’re not alone. Hold your peace and hand over the struggles to Jesus. Possibly, your heart is overwhelmed with fear for your future, know that your life isn’t yours but God’s, and He owns your future. However, yours may be that you battle with spiritual inconsistency, don’t relent! Jesus will take away every form of spiritual laziness and lukewarmness from your life.

Similarly, you’re worried about what to do with their life’s now that the kids are all grown up. Well, God won’t leave you to go through this stage alone. He will certainly walk alongside you. Perhaps, you’re like me who struggled to forgive herself for committing a grievous mistake. But not anymore. I have learned to ask Jesus to help me forgive myself. You can do the same!

Probably you’re single and tired of waiting, be encouraged, your knight in shining armour is riding through the mountains just to get to you. Hence, don’t leave your waiting post. Or you’re married and battling with infertility, God sees your tears and desires. Just like Hannah, don’t stop praying. God will wipe your tears soon.

Yours could be depression, rejection, career dilemma, low self-esteem, overburdened with the cares of life, pressured to compromise your faith, health challenges, loss of a loved one, and lots more. This is an indicator that we all battle with one trial or the other in life and finding strength amidst those trials only comes from Jesus.

No matter what’s happening around your life in this instance, keep trusting in God. You don’t have to understand how God is going to work miracles in your life. All you need do is cast your cares on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken–Psalms 55:22

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