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A Moment in Time

In the busyness of daily life, we often forget that God made each one of us for a very special purpose. When we walk close to God, every day, we will come to know His will for us, using the gifts and talents He has blessed us with.

“For he will hardly dwell on the shortness of his life because God lets him busy himself with the joy of his heart.” – Ecclesiastes 5:19

My life is but a moment
In the earthly passing of time
All that I have and do and see
Will someday no longer be mine.
Yet in that fleeting moment
I have the chance to be
Someone very special
Who I was created to be.
To care with compassion and kindness
To touch some people with love
And show that God really loves them
Watching over each one from above.
To enjoy the beauty of nature
To fill my heart with a song
So my days will be much brighter
The darkness of night won’t be long.
To climb the mountains together
As we walk through this valley of time
To make this fleeting moment
A God-given treasure of mine.

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