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3 Books that your Big Kid Will Love

Having two boys 3 years apart has meant that Axl and Eli often like very different things right from the clothes they wear, to the toys they play with, the shows that they watch and even the books and Bible stories we read. Determined to assert his independence and “big boy” status, Axl is quick to say when a book is “for babies” which makes bedtime stories especially tricky and has meant I am always looking for new books to add to his “Big Kid” collection.

Here are 3 books and Bibles that are Big Kid-approved:

The Big Kids’ Little Bible

The Big Kids’ Little Bible is ideal for 3-6-year-olds and features a super simple format, that retells all our favourite Bible stories in an engaging and easy to understand way. I like that all the stories are quick (less than 5-minutes long), leaving us with lots of time to discuss and answer all the “whys” that follow each story, before praying and going to bed. The font is big, making it ideal for early readers and gives the opportunity for older siblings to read aloud for everyone. I also love that the illustrations are colourful, bold and great for engaging little minds while being read to.  Best of all is that this Little Bible is compact so kids can take it with to Sunday School or even when you go away on holiday and don’t necessarily have space to cart around all their beloved kiddies’ Bibles.

God’s Got an Answer For That

For the older kids who are aged 8-12 years old, God’s Got an Answer for That helps teach young minds that God cares about the challenges and fears that they face, by providing practical help through His Word. While this book is targeted at pre-teens, I had a great deal of fun myself paging through it, and can’t wait for Axl to be old enough to become his own little sleuth when presented with everyday problems and encouraged to look to the Bible for a solution. I love that this book provides kids with all the right tools to teach them the ability to seek Biblical wisdom when navigating real-world problems and feel like this is one of those books that can have a huge impact on a child’s faith journey.

Search and Find Bible Stories

Search and Find Bible Stories has kids adventuring through the Bible in an exciting and totally new way and if you area “Where’s Waldo” fanatic, you’ll LOVE every page. Filled with all our favourite and most cherished Bible stories like the story of Creation, Noah’s Ark, Samson, and Jesus in the Temple, this Bible brings out the competitive side and can keep you and your kids busy for hours on end! Not only is there a story on each page that’s accompanied by questions, but there are also all sorts of activities from search and find, to spot the difference and even a naughty little monkey who finds himself in all sorts of funny and peculiar situations on every page. Search and Find Bible Stories makes reading the Bible loads of fun and keeps kids (and adults) busy which is especially helpful during load-shedding – I cannot recommend this book more!

Has your Big Kid recently finished a new book or bible that kept them engaged for hours? Pop your suggestions and comments below, so I can take a look and add to Axl’s collection.

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