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100 Days of Bible Promises

Back when I first started exploring Bible Journalling, I discovered Shanna Noel, the owner and founder of Illustrated Faith and the Bible Journaling Community. I spent months watching her videos, and wishing they were local as it’s really difficult to get any of Illustrated Faith’s products in South Africa – I REALLY want her monthly kits! Besides her Bible Journalling Supplies, it is her books that I have always been interested in, so when my mother-in-law went to England and asked what she could bring back for me, I quickly made a bee-line for Amazon to find that they had stock of all the Devotional Journals that Shanna has created with Day Spring.

I have been working through the 100 Days of Bible Promises which the book describes as, “Set on a journey to live your faith in a form of worship called Bible Journalling. 100 Days of Bible Promises is a devotional journal that highlights a life-changing promise from God’s word each day, and provides space to create, journal, reflect and pray on the gift that God is whispering to your heart.”

Originally, I had started working through 100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus, but am constantly reading and reviewing a variety of devotionals for this blog and found myself gravitating towards 100 Days of Bible Promises which has been one of my favourite devotionals, of all time. Every single prompt has been so appropriate to my day-to-day life and the challenges that I am facing, with beautiful prayers to meditate on throughout the day.

Shanna’s books are all so beautifully designed and carefully thought-out. The devotional part of each day is usually brief, practical and helps teach God’s word in a very relatable and is easy-to-understand way, that can be applied to real-life. Also included in each daily prompt is 3 Bible Verses that reaffirm the message of the day and on the second page, you’ll find the featured scripture of the day, a short prayer to meditate on, and lots of space for you to journal, reflect and write out your own prayers for the day. The lovely designs and little touches throughout the journal make this devotional all the more special, so even if you’re new to bible journaling or like me, lack the creativity but still long for pretty journals, your daily reflections and prayers look like beautiful spreads.

100 Days of Bible Promises makes the perfect gift and can be read over and over again – its message is timeless, sincere and helps reaffirm the foundations we build our faith upon. I think that this devotional is especially great for new believers or perhaps those overwhelmed by the very many devotionals available – it’s just such a solid devotional from start to end, that I can’t personally put my finger on anything that it might be missing. It’s beautiful in every way, helps break down God’s promises in a way that is easy to understand, it has Bible verses to reference, and prayers to reflect on while taking it a step further and leaving us with our own space to journal, which helps to enrich our devotional time and really consider how the message applies to our own lives.

I currently own 100 Days of… “Less Hustle, More Jesus,” Grace and Gratitude” and “Bible Promises.” and can’t wait to add more of the Illustrated Faith products to my collection. If you’d like to purchase your own Illustrated Faith products, I have found a local supplier, called Doodle’s Cafe and while I cannot vouch for their service (I haven’t yet shopped from them – but plan on doing so, soon!) I am elated that I can shop more Illustrated Faith products locally.

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