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Studying Ruth

The book of Ruth teaches us that a person who displays selfless compassion will be rewarded in the end, but have you thought to dig deeper and learn more about the lessons it has to offer? Cailin Leacock of Hillsong Church did just that while running a Bible Study for young women and challenged herself to find Jesus in the story of Ruth, which she later turned into an in-depth and interactive Bible study.

Ruth: A Story of Redemption looks at each chapter of the book of Ruth and examines what we as modern women (and men!) can still learn from the character of Ruth. Through it, we not only see God’s faithful redemption but are also reminded that you don’t have to be anything other than available and willing for God to use your life in a mighty, significant and eternal way!

With questions for group discussions and room to jot down your own thoughts, it is perfect for small groups, women’s Bible study groups or even if you want to go deeper into Ruth’s story on your own. Questions include: What shortcomings have you allowed to stop you from believing that you can be used by God? Can you recount in your life when God has protected you? Is there something you need to talk to Jesus about? Have you ever considered God acting in the role of a husband in your life? Ruth: A Story of Redemption will awaken within you a boldness to believe God for His very best for you and to run after it.

Cailin notes how Ruth was written about a young girl, and how her story appeals to young women all around the world. But she wanted to dig deep and find out how Ruth’s story impacts each on of us, as 21st-century believers which prompted her to embark on a 12-week study, with the hope of understanding whether there were things that Jesus was doing in and through Ruth that we, as young women, should know and learn from.

Through this study, you are reminded how Ruth was the most unlikely candidate to be used by God, as she was a woman, a widow, and a foreigner to the nation of Isreal. Despite these things, God still used Ruth and went as far as weaving her life into the lineage of Jesus.

As someone who constantly questions whether I am “qualified” to be used to spread and do God’s work, or whether I have any right in attempting to establish this online ministry, especially when I believe there are so many better-suited people out there, this study was reaffirming and reminded me not to disqualify myself, but rather open my heart to the seed that God has planted and to lean into Him and the work that He is doing. Just because I don’t see what God sees in me, doesn’t mean it’s not true!

I loved that this book was written by a local author, making it all the more special. In fact, I have enjoyed this study so much, that I have gone on to gift it to 4 other women (also, the price point is especially great, making it an affordable and meaningful gift!). I really liked that the study wasn’t just designed to be read as a group, but rather gives you the flexibility to study with others or on your own. Each section includes ample space to jot down your thoughts and work through the questions, which I find convenient because then I am not left carting around one hundred little pieces of paper.

I will admit that up until discovering this interactive study, I hadn’t thought too much about the impact of Ruth and her story on each one of us, but Cailin’s workbook really pulled back the layers and helped discover things I hadn’t even considered. Often, I feel that Bible Studies are challenging to work through on your own because you need some expert understanding or a master’s degree in theology, but the way in which Cailin expands on each chapter truly helped me to digest the parts that I had originally missed and prompted me to consider some big questions.

You can purchase your copy of Ruth: A Story of Redemption from leading book stores including CUM Books

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