Made to Create Bible Study


Why is creativity important to God?
How can I use my creativity to fulfil my God-given purpose?
What can I do to be more creative?

Explore these questions and more in this inspiring 6-week Bible course.

God designed each of us with an extraordinary capacity for creativity.
Yet, many of us either don’t believe we are creative, or we don’t realise the power of intentionally building our creative muscle. We tend to consume more than we create and bury our creative passions and dreams under mountains of ‘sensible’ work, and other people’s expectations. Self-doubt and fear keep us quietly in our comfort zones. We end up feeling restless, listless, or stuck, disconnected from our creative heritage and our true potential.

Creativity is not safe or predictable. It requires courage. Jesus continually called his followers to take risks and exercise their creativity. This Bible course begins a process to recover a creative mindset and reignite your ability to use and develop creative thinking in all spheres of your life. Journey with us through scriptures, stories, prayers, and practical creative exercises, as you draw closer to your Creator and rekindle your creative spark.

The study includes a workbook and daily video lessons on a secure online platform. It can be used for group or individual study.

About the authors:
Nina Pearse is a creativity and innovation speaker, trainer and coach. She is passionate about helping people to wake-up their creativity and to be restored to their godly creative vibrancy. When she’s not facilitating workshops, you may find her swimming laps with her mum, cycling with her husband, dancing around the kitchen with her two daughters, or praying with her friends from all walks of life around the city of Johannesburg.

Celia Falkenberg is an architect, fine artist and learning designer with a mission to reignite creativity in homes, businesses and communities. She has a heart for uplifting the poor and building community, which she puts in action through the volunteer organisation that she founded. Celia is a dedicated wife and mum who loves being outdoors in nature. She recharges by hiking the nature trails near her home in Cape Town.

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