New Year, Same Me

2020 – WHAT. A. YEAR!

About half-way through the year, I claimed defeat and accepted that the podcast would need to take a backseat. I had allowed the year to run away from me and between the homeschooling, holding down a full-time job, maintaining and running a household, and all while living through a pandemic, there just wasn’t enough time to record and edit a podcast episode. At first, the guilt bothered me and I tried to pretend it never happened! I let the old episodes gather dust but tried as I may, I still kept getting messages from people who had discovered our older episodes and asking when the next one would go live.

So, here we are!

In our first episode of 2021, I share the lessons from 2020 that I am taking into the new year. I chat about the ups and downs, how I have learnt these lessons and why they’re coming with me into 2021. I also touch on my personal goals and then go on to introduce some of the ideas we have for Cup of Faith.


Show Notes:

In this episode, our host, Megan Kelly, chats more about the lessons from 2020 that she’ll be taking into the new year and the impact that the year has had. She also touches on leaning into God’s plan, how to adapt when things don’t go accordingly, and the goals and intentions that we have for this platform in 2021.

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