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Letting Go Of The Past

Reliving past experiences that hurt you, are thorns that pierce the souls of many women. These sets of women are battling with their past wishing it had never happened. Surprisingly, they have failed to see the detrimental effects of such memories. Over the years, this has been one of the major limiting factors that have kept women from living out their best version and exercising the amazing potentials deposited in them by God.

You wouldn’t understand how bad I was hurt and what I had been through, you might give it as an excuse. Well, I do. Everyone on earth has a story to tell about their past and how they wish they could turn the hands of the clock backwards. That’s impossible!

The past is gone and can’t be reversed. We’re in the present, this entails living out the deposited talents lying dormant in us, hence, we must let go of the past no matter how hard it seems. I love what apostle Paul said

Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead – Philippians 3:13 

I strongly believe our lives will be better when we make apostle Paul’s aspirations ours. Things might not be going as we had always wanted them to be, but in the midst of that all I urge you to forget the things behind, let go of your past mistakes and live in the moment. Moreover, dwelling in the past hampers our progress, because we tend to lose our concentration and enthusiasm about the present. Gradually, it gains an advance effect on our health, which in turn affects the way we relate to others.

It’s time we realize that by being born again, Christ dwells inside us, we’re a new creation, the old has gone and the new is here–2 Corinthians 5:17. Hallelujah, that’s our testimony and the life we’re created to experience as believers. However, you need to gain control over your emotions and be determined not to allow your past to control your present.

In essence, embrace the fresh new you and shine God’s light. God is counting on us as his ordained ambassador sent forth for the accomplishment of mighty works to the pulling down of strongholds. Practical ways of letting go of the past include:

1. Effective study of the word of God

The word of God has the power to heal your past. From his words, you’re able to realize your true identity in Christ, which boosts the consciousness of God in your heart and the hope of being a work in progress in God’s hands. He is not yet done with you, no matter what you have been through he loves and cares for you. God is committed to bringing all which concerns you to perfection.

2. Prayers

Your prayers are a powerful weapon. When utilized will transform your life into the initial blueprint of God for you. Instead of beating yourself up about your past, allowing regrets and depression to gain access into your life, use such a moment to pray. Be sincere to God about how you feel concerning your past, how you were hurt, the number of times you’ve tried letting go but still find yourself dwelling on the past. Lastly, don’t forget to ask for his grace to overcome. For his grace is sufficient for you and his strength is made perfect in weakness–2corinthians 12:9.

3. Surround yourself with encouraging individuals

Furthermore, to let go of the past it’s advisable to do away with things that remind you of the past and likewise surround yourself with individuals that encourage you to live out your best. Words are effective mechanisms used in transforming things either in the negative or positive direction. Therefore, associate with those who speak positive words concerning you, who love to see you grow. In essence, learn to tell a listening ear exactly how you feel this could be an older woman in your church or environment, preferably a trusted friend or spouse.

4.Get to engage in productive activities

Our enemy, the devil, always takes advantage of our ignorance. Oftentimes when we’re idle, he (the devil) creeps into our hearts and replays memories. To combat his trick, get engaged in creative activities, your list should include things you love to do, your passion, most importantly reaching out to others and lots more.

Everything revolves around time. Hence, don’t be hard on yourself when your efforts in letting go of the past amounts to nothing. Give yourself a little more time and keep on trying. It won’t take long before you start seeing noticeable changes in your life and how you are beginning to conform to the image of Christ.

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