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Keep Going (Despite the What Ifs)

Last month, I shared about dreaming our dreams, and the incredible story that led to my first book, Finding Our Voice, being published just last month. Well, what a change a month can see! The book did come out, and I have been so encouraged to hear stories of people, not just people of faith, who have been moved by reading it. I’m very grateful to God and not a little amazed.

What is even more surprising though is that just six weeks on, I have a contract to write a second book, and have started it! It is an exploration of tears in the Bible – of which there are many kinds; gratitude, remorse, anger and loss among them – and I’m hoping to link those stories with the place of tears in our lives today.

It has all been a bit of a whirlwind, and I find myself caught between astonishment at what God is doing, and fear. What if I am just kidding myself and I don’t have another book in me? What if I can’t deliver in time? A thousand ‘what if’s are crowding in and threatening to drown out both what God has done and the fledgeling writer that is within. Maybe you have your own collection of ‘what if’s on a whole range of issues?

I do know that although those voices are very loud at the moment, they won’t have the last word. God has always been faithful and if this is from Him, He and I will write it together. He is after all the Word. It is scary now, but He is the Lion of Judah and can roar louder than every noisy worry I have. I’m not there yet, but I will be.

I’m looking for stories (they will be anonymous) of between 3 or so paragraphs to a page (ish) about tears you have cried – family pain, confession, regret, stress, fear, distress, empathy, in prayer…or other stories about how your tears have been important to you. I can’t offer you anything in return other than thankfulness!

You can contact me via Facebook Message on the page Finding Our Voice and Held In Your Bottle or via my website Even if you can’t, I’m praying for you today that you too will hear the roar of the Lion over you. It is a roar of Love.

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  • Margaret Kramer
    Posted at 15:18h, 05 September Reply

    This a great post Jeannie. Congrat’s on your book! which I hope to find and read soon.

    “Finding our voice” is especially hard for some of our stories, as it takes courage to speak our truth. But my en-courage-ment comes from God alone. He is the One who has healed my heart, and empowers me to share my story through writings as well.

    I believe God will inspire many women to send you their stories about their tears. I will send you mine Jeannie! Peace and Blessings my friend …

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