He Will Never Forget

As I think about what to share, mothers day is around the corner. I would like to focus on a different aspect of motherhood. My thoughts go to those who stand at the crossroads of decision… as the baby moves a mother touches her growing body. Her heart is aching. She knows she cannot keep this little one, the social worker is awaiting her decision.

Circumstances beyond her control influence her decisions. With tears rolling down her cheeks she agrees to give this baby for adoption, to help another couple fulfil their longing and desires. The time of birth comes, she hears a cry in the distance. It is a pain indescribable, she has to let go and move on. Can God ever forgive her? She believes in God, suddenly she feels peace envelope her troubled heart. My grace is sufficient, comes to her mind. The years go by…she is married with 3 children, but the ache remains, hidden deep in her heart.

A child grows up with a loving mother and father knowing from a young age she was chosen to be in this family, but deep in this child’s heart, there is a missing part. Many questions as she grows up, something incomplete in her heart.

The child is now an adult and both her parents have passed away, she decides to initiate a search. She prays God will make away. He leads her every step of the way. A year later the phone rings, the social worker informs her she has spoken to her mother. With pounding heart and tears streaming down her cheeks as she listens. Her mother did not forget…The meeting was arranged 2days before Mothers Day that year, it was special with many answered questions. 32years of separation finally coming together to close a chapter and open another one.

God restores, God heals, God forgives, God is so good. I share this because it is part of my testimony. I was adopted, reconciled with my birth mother. God knows our deepest longings and desires. I think of those who have to make this difficult decision. God knows you and sees you in your pain and struggles. He will always be there to lift you and give you hope. For those who are adopted God chose you from your mother’s womb and had a plan and purpose in allowing you to be placed in a different family. My best wishes to all the moms for mothers day Sunday.

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