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Dreaming our Dreams

When, I wonder, did you last dream a dream? What was it? Or when did a dream come unbidden, already fully-fledged and ready to burst into life?

Eighteen months ago, I was contemplating a sabbatical. I’m a church minister, working at that six days a week and living it seven. I love what I do, and find it a huge privilege, walking alongside people as they live out, and sometimes share with me, their stories. Yet time out is precious too, and I was contemplating what to do with the space away from responsibilities.

Several friends, not knowing this, asked me unbidden if I had ever thought about writing a book. I just laughed. Yes, I love to play with words, but a book? Surely that was impossible?

A couple of weeks later I was on holiday, sat silently with my husband on a Jersey clifftop. As I sat there, suddenly I knew the book I wanted to write but said nothing. Wasn’t this an unreachable dream? Yet more astonishingly, at supper my husband, a self-confessed non-reader shocked me to the core by saying “You know on that cliff earlier? God said to me clearly that you should write a book on your sabbatical”.

Suddenly the dream, instead of dissipating like mist, was becoming tangible and real. As the sabbatical began, there were stories in my mind and heart and soon on the page – imaginative but faithful retelling from the perspective of unnamed bible characters and brave stories from unnamed people today: gritty, tough stories but shot through with hope. Now, that book (Finding Our Voice) is finding its way into the hands of all kinds of people, those who know God but are finding fresh ways to look at His Word and their lives, and those who have never read the bible but find stories fascinating. God in His grace has given it birth and it will grow into whatever He intends.

So dream that dream. If it is God’s, it will become a reality.

    Posted at 23:25h, 12 August Reply

    Thank you for your encouragement ….. We need to chase after these God given dreams. God bless you

    • Megan Kelly Botha
      Posted at 22:43h, 15 August Reply

      Wasn’t this a beautiful share? I loved that God kept reminding Jeannie of her dream and that she pursued it!

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