Choosing Joy – Reading Challenge

September is without a doubt the start of my favourite time of year. I love all the blooming flowers, I love that the days are warm but the nights have a chill in the air, I love that it’s my birthday month and the official start of the “Bers” which is soon followed by October (the month we decorate our house and celebrate all things spooky!), and then November (the month where I beg my husband every second day to decorate the house until the last week when I have worn him down and it’s officially acceptable to pull out my Christmas spirit) and then December, my absolute favourite time of the year.

Toward the end of last year, I shared with my husband how sad it is that we don’t get to experience that childlike joy as much. You know what I’m talking about, right? That excitement the night before Christmas, the countdown to your birthday, the crazy little tickle you’d get in your belly when you were about to do something new, challenging and daring for the first time. Your first roller-coaster ride, your first bike ride, that thrill-seeking climb to the top of the jungle gym or the feeling of, ‘wow, I did THAT!’ after completing the monkey bars. Do you remember THAT joy? Well, this year, I’ve been on a mission to chase my childlike joy, to get excited over the small things, to celebrate the big ones, to CHOOSE the things that make me happy and bring me joy.

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time doing the things that bring me joy. I took up a new activity each evening, have been cooking more often and even spent a few days DIY-ing some planters so I could spend time digging away in my garden. I have since planted a veggie patch, a herb garden, several succulent gardens, and let’s not forget the pots filled with bright and beautiful blooms. And by doing more of the things that bring me joy, I have been able to achieve more in other aspects of my life. At work, I am able to focus longer and get more done, as a mom, I am calmer and not so reactive, as a wife I am more tentative and make time for my husband and me, and as a child of God, I am more dedicated to growing in my faith.

This month, I wanted to try something new and decided to create a 30-day reading challenge that starts on September 1st. A reading plan is a great way to bring an online community together and gives us the opportunity to ask each other questions, discuss how the message resonated with each of us and gives us something to work through each day with an overall message to meditate over.

This month’s theme is Choosing Joy! I couldn’t think of a better theme for September and I trust that God is going to do great things in each one of us, as we connect over this month’s challenge.

I’d love it if you participated and look forward to sharing and connecting over this challenge. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook, where I will be sharing my daily posts and hope to see you there! If you love this challenge, don’t forget to download and print the freebie so you can track what the verse of the day is. I have also shared it on Instagram and Facebook, so you can share and tag a friend to join you!

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