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Beloved Mess by Kimm Crandell

This past weekend I read Beloved Mess by Kimm Crandall. After not being able to find a book for months, this one captured my attention from the very beginning! Besides feeling like I could write the book myself, only I’d do a less eloquent job of it, Kimm gave me hope by sharing her own truths.

Unlike so many Christian-Faith books that line the shelves of my local CUM books telling me that if I just did this or that, I’ll be a better Christian, wife, and mom, that I’ll be happier and will seemingly no longer face these struggles anymore, Kimm reminded me that God doesn’t expect me to have it together and just like I would my tantruming child, God wraps His arms around me, holds me down and keeps telling me how much He loves me – all of me, even the messy side of me.

There is so much truth and realness written in this book and through Kimm sharing her own failures, I found comfort in knowing that it’s okay that I am not always okay! What’s more is remembering that God’s grace does not discriminate and that it doesn’t have to be earned – it’s not like a reward chart, where I have to collect 10 stickers or 100 stickers in order to receive His grace – no, it’s just there for the taking, free and unconditional. That is beautiful!

There is a lot that I want to share about this book and I am sure it’s one that I’ll be talking about for a long time to come, and probably the first that I’ll read and re-read over and over again because there’s just so much to absorb and take in. There’s so much beauty to be found in our own messes and learning that we aren’t expected to do it all on our own, that while the world may fall apart around us, there’s Jesus carrying us above it all and that even when we get it all wrong and royally mess up, that God is right there ready to embrace you in His love and grace, (even especially when we don’t think we are worthy of that love and grace.)

Beloved Mess is a quick and punchy read and at the end of each chapter, there are a few questions to ask yourself or to discuss with your book club (I find these to be great prompts for journaling!). The book does an incredible job of summing up the expectations we put on ourselves, and how not meeting those expectations often leads to guilt which in turn, makes us want to hide all those shortcomings and failures. We’re sold on this idea that by doing X or Y, or that reading our Bible and praying every day will be the solution to all our problems – only, it’s not and when it doesn’t quite go that way, we feel WE are the problem, so we’re filled with feelings of guilt and shame.

In my case, that shame kept leading me astray from God – I didn’t want him to know how I was failing every day (how foolish of me to think He doesn’t already know!) so I just stayed away but over the last few months I am realizing that God’s love is stubbornly fierce and that He will hold onto me until the very end.

What a beautiful Beloved Mess we all are.

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